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Very nice deal @combatflipflops -- congrats to all! @TheSharkDaymond @mcuban @LoriGreiner


Feminine touch. Very nice! (and true)


It's how we mark the dead!! Nice.


The work they're doing with Afghan women is very compelling. I predict @mcuban will want in on this one.


Another pitch with a military spin! Wild!


Lots of military stuff tonight!


Hmmmmm. Beartek has an interesting idea here. As a motorcyclist, I get it... but is the market ready for this?


The in our house are tuned in to @ABCSharkTank -- missed the first pitch... was it good?


#SRQ fans of #SharkTank: Join our LIVE viewing party for Season 7 Premiere 9/25!

#SRQ fans of #SharkTank: Join our LIVE viewing party for Season 7 Premiere 9/25!

OK... please forgive the Facebook link, but it's what we're using to organize things. This event is open to the public! The Courtyard by Marriott has a viewing space in the lobby that we use for these parties, and they've got drinks and munchies for sale. No purchase will be necessary, so you can come and watch the Season 7 Premiere of Shark Tank with a bunch of enthusiasts and not feel any obligation to spend any $$. RSVP on the Facebook event so we know how to plan. See you then!

Date: Friday, September 25, 2015
Time: 8:45pm EDT (Show starts at 9pm)
Place: 8305 Tourist Center Dr, Sarasota, Florida 34201