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Another pitch with a military spin! Wild!


On 2nd thought... maybe that "keys to the nukes" bit backfired on her 💣 🎇#SharkTank


If the President trusted me with the keys to the nukes... you can trust me with your money! BOOM! 💪 💣 🎇#SharkTank


Lots of military stuff tonight!


Hmmmmm. Beartek has an interesting idea here. As a motorcyclist, I get it... but is the market ready for this?


The in our house are tuned in to @ABCSharkTank -- missed the first pitch... was it good?


Yes, Podcast filenames matter. As do id3 tags. This is why it's worth it to take a few minutes & do things right!


10 inventors of Internet technologies you may not have heard of // What would life today be like without these?


Just picked up our tickets for @wordcampmiami - looking forward to it!