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The incredible team at @withknown has created a phenomenal social platform! #POSSE

1 min read

In the days ahead, I'll be testing out this platform more thoroughly as a content marketing tool. For now, I'm thrilled to have the ability to POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere... more details here). 

While some elements have been possible for a long time with tools like WordPress and so forth, what's been missing has been the interoperability now available via webmentions, backfeeding of interactions, and so forth provided by tools like Known (which this site is running on),, and others.

This is all admittedly still new to me, but I'm excited about the possibilities for marketers and brands who wish to retain a bit more control over their content!


Great Content Marketing from @DollarShaveClub

1 min read

This month's shipment from Dollar Shave Club arrived today and in it, as before, was an issue of The Bathroom Minutes.

It's 9 "pages." They're really just folded panels, each the size of a sheet of toilet paper. (I'm sure that's a coincidence.)

It's dated September, 2014, and just below the letter from the editor is a timely (and on topic!) Betty White quote:


The whole thing is absolute genius. It's part random trivia, part social proof (there are 2 member spotlights), and part shameless advertising. Oh, and there's a cryptogram at the end... you know, to help pass the time.

I haven't solved it yet, but I'll bet it's an Ovaltine ad.